Our vision put God’s heart on display through our lives for the world to see by returning to the simplicity of following Jesus in relationally connected decentralized communities that are multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are putting the light of Jesus Christ on display in the darkness of this world, starting in the greater Nashville region (Rutherford & Davidson Co.), by mobilizing believers who are:

  • transformed to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ,
  • rooted in obedience to God’s Word,
  • empowered by the Holy Spirit,
  • connected together in love,
  • moved by compassion to bring liberty to the captives, freedom to the oppressed, and good news to the poor, and
  • multiplying disciple of Jesus Christ without bondage to man-made traditions or ongoing dependence upon special church buildings or professional clergy.

In other words, we are preparing the church to be the church that Jesus envisioned, a church that can thrive in the persecution that is soon coming upon us in America, a church built by disciple-making, known by love for Jesus and one another, a church that is unstoppable as we advance against the powers of darkness to set the captives free, a church that embodies Jesus Christ and puts Him on display on the earth, a church whose leaders serve to equip and empower every believer for their ministry, whose leaders serve without any personal authority by lifting up Jesus Christ as Lord, a church that truly functions as the family of God on the earth expressed in relational reality that stuns the unbelieving world rather than merely attending an endless series of meetings or a supporting the same religious organization.

We are not advancing an organization, but rather a relationally connected movement that functions on the common ground we have in Christ, His mission, and the vision of multiplying communities disciples of Jesus Christ and transcends traditional organizational and denominational boundaries by focusing on “off campus” expressions of decentralized ministry in homes, coffee shops, the streets, and the market place.  We promote loving, knowing, and obeying Jesus Christ and fulfilling His mission out in the world as the center of our ministry. As we are giving ourselves to this mission and vision, love for Jesus connects us, not activities on a religious campus or belonging to the same religious organization. We build up and bless the whole body of Christ with a Kingdom-minded perspective and expect the “water level” to rise for the whole region as believers are transformed, mobilized and connected to multiply disciples of Jesus Christ, not on a religious campus in a religious building, but out in the world… for all to see.

We have been inspired by the simplicity and obedience to the Word of God demonstrated by our brothers and sisters in the documentary below, Sheep Among Wolves II. We encourage you to watch this prayerfully with an ear to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you.