Our Values


  • Strong in the Word and Spirit–  We don’t just study the Word. We do God’s Word in the power of God’s Spirit. We love the Word of God and the Holy Spirit who writes that same Word on our hearts to make us living letters. We recognize the Holy Spirit by the Word, and embrace all He does in the Scriptures for our lives today.
  • De-centralized Ministry through Every Believer– We equip every believer to be an effective a ambassador for Christ, and a fully empowered disciple-maker. We aren’t trying to bring the world to church. We are going into all the world. We aren’t trying to gather spectators or to be super stars. We are servants mobilizing Spirit-born sons and daughters of God as disciple-makers.
  • Multiplying Christ-centered Communities. We don’t live individualistically. We connect relationally to share the life and mission of Christ together. We keep ministry simple, relational, and Christ-centered.
  • Christ-centered Understanding and Transformation– We aren’t chasing our best life now. We pursue Christ’s life now, that He may be formed in us and displayed through us in every situation. Jesus is the Word made flesh, our clearest picture of the fullness of the Father, and the full display of the life He lives in us today. We are being transformed into His image as we evaluate everything, not by our traditions or personal experiences, but according to Christ.  We don’t change Him. We are letting Him change us to be like Him.
  • Engaging the community through wholistic Kingdom Mission– We don’t sit back and wait for God to move. God moves through us. We maximize every opportunity to bring His Kingdom into the whole world, especially to the last, the lost, and the least. We value every believer as a minister of the gospel, a maker of disciples, and empowered priests in Christ’s body. We embrace our vocations as our part of our calling represent Jesus in this world.  We champion all that God wants to do through one another.
  • Christ-centered Freedom, Harmony, and Unity– We don’t do manipulation, pressure, and control. We honor the freedom we have in Christ as we support one another in our pursuit of holiness before God and harmony with one another. We major on the majors and minor on the minors to give one another the respect and support we would want for ourselves as we grow together in Christ. We may play different notes, but through Christ we harmonize.
  • Passionate love for Jesus expressed in whole-hearted redeeming love for people Spiritual maturity is not measured in faithful attendance, Bible knowledge, or rigid rule-keeping. We focus on keeping the fire of our hearts burning bright with flaming hot love for Jesus Christ that is expressed in sacrificial redeeming love for all people. This is more than warm fuzzy feelings during the worship service or a ministry strategy. This is laying your life down to pour out the life of Christ to others as worship to God because Jesus is worthy!